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Madrone High School

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    We are in the midst of our Together 2023 planning process to define our district values, the skills our students need to compete in today's competitive world, the goals for the coming years and the high leverage actions we will take to achieve our goals. We have been reaching out to all of our community members for input into this process, and have met with our certificated and classified staff, parents, students, administrators and community members for your ideas and input. Right now, we are receiving feedback on the kinds of high-impact strategies that we can implement to help us close the opportunity gap and ensure that all of our students are developing the skills needed to be successful adults. On February 25th and 27th, we will be having a second round of community meetings to gather further input from you all and we hope to see you there! More information here

    Today I would like to take a few moments to write about the three values that we have identified through your input here in San Rafael as the key principles and beliefs that we want to guide our actions. These three values are EQUITY, COMMUNITY and JOY. I hope these values resonate with you-they inspire me and make me proud to work for an organization that holds these dear. You can continue reading or watch the video here where I detail the work we are doing.

    In selecting our values, our hope is to make sure that they are unique to our district, that they will guide our actions, and that they will inspire our students, staff and parents. I think we have met these criteria and hope to further explore their significance.

    Our first value is EQUITY, which can be defined as "just and fair inclusion into a society in which all can participate, prosper and reach their full potential." Unfortunately, this is not the case for the majority of our Latinx students here in San Rafael today. Racial equity for students in Marin will be achieved when race and ethnicity no longer predict the outcome of a young person's future. We commit to identify and dismantle racial inequalities and to provide equity-based supports so that our most vulnerable children can achieve their full potential. Equity means that we honor and empower individual identity and experience. We are committed to ensuring the success of every San Rafael child and cannot accept the current state of affairs where our Latinx students, who comprise the majority of our student body, are drastically lagging behind their white peers. According to a study by Race Counts, Marin County ranks first among all 58 California counties when it comes to racial disparities, which is not a designation we should be proud of. We can change this, but it will take our total commitment to equity to make the difference. San Rafael City Schools has begun to make strides, and our partnerships with such groups as The Pacific Education Group, 10,000 Degrees, Canal Alliance, Marin Promise Partnership, Not In Our Town and the College of Marin are starting to have an impact.

    Our second value is COMMUNITY: we welcome, value and support every member of our District. Inclusion, belonging and participation for all are the cornerstones of community, and we want to ensure that all of our voices are heard. San Rafael City Schools is committed to hearing all of our voices, and I am proud to lead a district where our students are speaking up, learning to advocate on their behalf, and the adults are listening. In the classroom, teachers are working hard to develop personal relationships with students, and this helps them to feel important and that they matter. Parents also matter, and we are thankful to our Heads-Up Foundation and all of our school parent groups for their incredible support. Recently at a Heads-Up retreat, equity was front and center in the discussion as we looked at ways of distributing funds in a fair way to support art, music and PE at every school. Our Spanish speaking parents are included in decisions, and our English Language Advisory Committee meetings ensure that we hear from this important group of parents. One theme that arose from the recent San Pedro Elementary incident and resulting community open house was the slogan "WE ARE ONE" or "TODOS SOMOS UNO" which seems to be a great motto for our entire district. Last month's newsletter refers to this occurrence.

    Finally, our last value is JOY: we engage in meaningful learning through energy, enthusiasm and humor. While we are very interested in rigor and having students meet high academic standards, there are key ways to get students motivated and interested in learning. Engaging them in relevant and meaningful work, providing them with choices, involving them in taking ownership of their learning, and ensuring that the work we require is not only challenging but fun and interesting are examples. Kids are naturally curious, and we should take advantage of that to explore and discover all that life has to offer. All of our classrooms and schools should be a positive and happy experience; learning should be joyful!

    Our next task is to operationalize these three values across the district, so they don't just end up being words on the wall in the board room. If we truly are living these values, what actions and behaviors would we be exhibiting on a daily basis? This is our next question that we will pose to each school site as well as here in the district office. Making San Rafael schools a great place to learn for every one of our students will take a deep commitment to our beliefs.

    What do the values of EQUITY, COMMUNITY, and JOY mean to you, and how will you demonstrate them? Please take a moment to give us your feedback, and let us know how you are living these values in our classrooms, in our schools, and in our homes. We would love to know what you are doing!! Please reply your comments back to me. Or email us at I look forward to hearing from you.

    Reminder our Together 2023 Community Workshops are on February 25th and 27th. We hope you can join us!

    TOGETHER 2023 COMMUNITY WORKSHOPS (All sessions from 6 - 7:30 pm)
    Tuesday, Feb. 25    Venetia Valley Multipurpose Room
    Tuesday, Feb. 25    Davidson Middle School Library
    Jueves, Feb. 27      Bahia Vista Sala Multiuso*
    Thursday, Feb. 27  Terra Linda High School Innovation Lab

    *Bahia Vista event will be offered solely in Spanish.
    All other events will be offered with Spanish translation.

    Enjoy a wonderful mid-winter break!




    Posted 2/19/20

    Exciting News! All SRCS Staff will transition from Outlook email and calendar to Gmail and Google Calendar on Monday, February 24, at 6 AM

    We are excited for the opportunity to align our communication and productivity tools onto one platform! 

    For information on how to log in to your Gmail or access your calendar on Monday, February 24, please review the Gmail and Calendar Links Resource and check-out the Gmail Transition Website


    Posted 2/19/20

    In partnership with the Marin County Sheriff and District Attorney, we are sharing the attached letter related to the safe storage of guns if they are in the home.

    With an estimated 4.6 million children living in homes with access to unlocked guns, we want to emphasize the need for raising awareness about the guidelines for the safe storage of guns under California law. In addition, we want our community members to take extra steps to prevent tragedies including: storing guns safely, asking about the presence of unsecured guns in other homes, and recognizing risk factors and warning signs of suicide and depression – and speak up.

    Please see the attached letter, translated in English and Spanish. Thank you for your partnership in keeping our students and community safe.


    En colaboración con el Sheriff del Condado de Marin y el Fiscal del Distrito, compartimos la carta adjunta relacionada con el almacenamiento seguro de armas si están en el hogar.

    Con un estimado de 4.6 millones de niños viviendo en hogares con acceso a armas sin llave, queremos enfatizar la necesidad de crear conciencia sobre las pautas para el almacenamiento seguro de armas bajo la ley de California. Además, queremos que los miembros de nuestra comunidad tomen medidas adicionales para evitar tragedias, entre ellas: almacenar las armas de forma segura, preguntar sobre la presencia de armas sin seguro en otros hogares y reconocer los factores de riesgo y los signos de advertencia del suicidio y la depresión, y hablar claramente.

    Por favor, vea la carta adjunta, traducida al inglés y al español. Gracias por su colaboración para mantener seguros a nuestros estudiantes y a la comunidad. 

    Posted 2/14/20


    Principal Tuohy

    Paul TuohyPaul Tuohy joined Madrone High School as Principal in 2017 from Sonoma Valley Unified School District, where he was the Student Services Coordinator. Previously, he was the Vice Principal at Sonoma Valley High School for 10 years and the Principal at the continuation high school for five years. Welcome, Paul!


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